Who we are

Move Home Ecological Modules Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in designing and building modules that bring buyers great comfort in small spaces while reducing construction costs for real-estate promoters and builders. At Move Home, we are committed to promoting the local economy. The product is designed and built in Quebec and we support regional suppliers.

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Our mission

We made it our mission to design a product that provides maximum comfort in a minimum amount of space while contributing to sustainable development using reusable materials with a focus on comfort and quality of life. We work towards making Move Home Ecological Modules the number one choice for flexible interior design options. We offer products made for modern life with mobility solutions that maximize the potential of small residential and commercial spaces.

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Our product

Move Home’s high technology units group together building amenities and provide enhanced flexibility in the way indoor spaces are thought out. Designed with sustainable development in mind, our innovative modules are factory-built, which significantly lowers construction-related costs. After many years of anticipating industry needs and developing and testing our product, Move Home Modules are finally available. Our plant is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that guarantees short lead times and superior products.

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An award-winning product

Move Home has won the Novae 2013 ecoconception contest in the category « Business- Concept».

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