The module

The Move Home design is quite simple: it is a mobile platform – a module – that can be moved inside a living space to meet your needs, whether it is making a bedroom or the kitchen and living room area bigger. Patent pending.

The module features all the basic equipment found in an autonomous living space, including a full kitchen and a bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower. The overall design can also include an entry closet, a wall bed, a laundry cupboard that can accommodate a stackable washer and dryer, and, behind the sliding module, a large wall of built-in storage cupboards.

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Automatic protection devices

The module incorporates automatic protection devices that significantly lower the risks of water damage and excess energy consumption.

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Safe reconfiguration

The safe reconfiguration of the space is ensured with a touchscreen connected to a micro-computer which coordinates the movement of the module. To activate the shift mechanism, the user must press on the arrows on the screen. If one of the sensors detects a presence in the kitchen or bathroom, it will block the module from moving.

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Flexibility and functionality

Move Home is the perfect solution for maximizing open-concept loft and studio spaces measuring 300 to 450 sq. ft. (28 to 42 m2).

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Customizable to your needs

In a spirit of sustainable development, the replacement of parts is simple, and the recovery system will facilitate end-of-life management. You can customize your module by choosing from different storage options or different finishes and colours.

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An ecological design

Move Home offers a selection of designs that lower their environmental footprint by favoring easy disassembly and part replacement. Our design aims to make the most of a living space.

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