Choosing Move Home

Move Home has lots of advantages for the consumer, the builder and the real estate promoter. Here’s a few of them:

  • Provides up to 40% more living space giving great flexibility of layout
  • Quality of life for occupants (living space, features and ergonomics)
  • Greater acoustic performance (no piping in the concrete slab)
  • Greater accessibility with first-time buyers
  • Improves density and reduces environmental footprint
  • Sustainable development: does not generate any waste and all modules can be dismantled and reassembled, which enables buildings to be repurposed
  • Simplified project management for builders
  • Quick to implement and short turnaround
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Advantages for consumers

  • Major savings: the Move Home concept will let you save up to 160 ft2 (15m2) on the size of the apartment
  • Great flexibility of layout
  • Superior storage options than other larger residential spaces
  • Possibility to configure an office space
  • Greater acoustic performance – no water distribution of sewage lines passes through the floor
  • Greater quality of life
  • Savings on insurance: energy-efficient and safe
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Advantages for builders

  • Increases income and market value of building
  • Possibility to build more units per floor surface. e.g., by reconfiguring a building, we can transform a sixplex into a twelveplex.
  • Added value to units – far more to offer to consumers
  • Major savings on plumbing and electricity costs. We just need to connect one water inlet from a drain stack and connect the main cable of the module to a junction box.
  • Quick and independent sale of units
  • Simplifies project management by reducing the number of parties involved
  • Quick to implement and short turnaround. Installation by a certified team takes place in only 2-3 business days. This allows deliver units in less time and diminishes the financial bridge of the project
  • Peace of mind: the motion sensors will block the water inlet in the absence of occupants.
  • Substantial savings regarding construction warranty management
  • Savings on insurance: energy-efficient and safe
  • Savings on costs: cabinets, electrical and plumbing are factory-built.
  • Substantial savings on waste production and management (LEED).
    • Some municipalities require permits to install dumpsters. This results in delays, additional costs on top of the costs for renting the dumpsters.
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A gateway to several markets

Move Home targets the following markets:

  • New constructions with many units (condos or rental units)
  • Condos located in lodging centers
  • Renovation: conversion of large existing units into many small Move Home spaces
  • Tiny houses, cottages, multigenerational houses, coach homes
  • Commercial: Move Home can also be used in the development of hotel condos, more specifically for corporate suites
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