The module

The Move Home design is quite simple: it is a mobile platform – a mobile module that allows you to configure residential or commercial spaces to maximize their potential, according to your needs or time of day.

In general, they include a full kitchen and bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. It also comes with a large wall of built-in shelving behind the sliding module. The concept can also include fold-up furniture including a dining room table, a bed and much more.

Automatic protection devices

The module incorporates automatic protection devices that significantly lower the risks of water damage and excess energy consumption.

Safe reconfiguration

The safe reconfiguration of the space is ensured with a touchscreen connected to a micro-computer which coordinates the movement of the module. To activate the shift mechanism, the user must press on the arrows on the screen. If one of the sensors detects a presence in the kitchen or bathroom, it will block the module from moving.

Flexibility and functionality

Move Home modules offer great flexibility and can adapt to any kind of space. Whether it is for maximizing open-concept loft and studio spaces (corto or cuccina) or for units that already have a bedroom and bathroom (longo), we offer a model in which it’s the kitchen and its island that can be moved towards the living room and allow for the creation of an additional bedroom.

Customizable to your needs

You can customize your module by choosing from different storage options or different finishes and colours. We offer a variety of retractable dining tables that will fit your needs. Our retractable beds are effortless, easy to use and also offers numerous storage possibilities.

An ecological design

Move Home offers a selection of designs that improves density and reduces environmental footprint while providing a better quality of life for occupants (living space, features and ergonomics). Installation does not generate any waste and all modules can be dismantled and reassembled, which enables buildings to be repurposed.

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